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Women at the HeArt imageUsing creative practices is a core element of the Partnership’s approach.

The Arts can help people to really engage with issues and explore things from a different perspective. It provides a relaxed, non-confrontational (and fun!) platform from which to work and is therefore an ideal way to engage with disadvantaged and vulnerable people who may not otherwise open up.

The Arts  is transformative and can turn the most difficult consultation into a truly empowering experiencing, often giving a voice to those who may otherwise go unnoticed. Above all it puts positive experiences into the most difficult, impoverished and often traumatised lives.

WAH - SpoonsWe know that creativity and the use of the Arts is one of our most successful methods of intervention, particularly when working with young people, as demonstrated by the depth and variety of our projects over the past few years.

Our current pieces of work are outlined below.

 Women at the HeART (Mosaics)Women at the HeArt seeks to give vulnerable, disadvantaged women more control over their lives, identifying ways of empowering them through the use of creative activities and reconnecting them with their families and communities. The project focuses on women with complex and unmet needs and offers innovative, cost-effective methods of intervention which can open doors and give women greater access to support services.

Women at the HeART (Beads)Integral to Women at the HeArt is a mentee training scheme which is part of our ongoing commitment towards continuing professional development for creative practitioners in the criminal justice field.

Women at the HeArt is funded by Arts Council England, The Monument Trust and Thames Valley Probation. 

  Women at the HeArt - Shoes“It’s been good to express yourself to how you’re
really feeling but can’t put it into words.”

“I felt completed engrossed and distracted from my life”


“I liked that we could ask for what we did in sessions – it made me feel respected”

“I really enjoyed being active and creative rather than things going round and round in my head ” 

Women at the HeART (Spoons)“Women at the HeArt has made us think more about why we do what we do and how we can support these women.  Using visual creative expression techniques allows the veil to come down and to discover many different things behind ourselves and behind the women we work with. We are amazed at the beautiful pieces we have all produced!”    Support Staff Member

 View a copy of  ALANA HOUSE LEAFLET Jan-April ’14


 We are happy to be supporting Meadowbrook College in setting up an Arts Centre at their Harlow site.  We have been working with Meadowbrook College for a number of years – firstly through our popular Schools in Action strand of work and subsequently helping to deliver the national Creative Partnerships programme which lasted for 3 years.  We are delighted that creativity is now taking such a key role in the provision offered by Meadowbrook. It is clear that they are passionate about arts and its value in education and self-development.  

Meadowbrook’s vision in setting up the Arts Centre is to improve and increase access to Meadowbrook to the wider community and widening prospects for Meadowbrook Students. Its artistic approach and expertise can provide others within the community with opportunities; offering varied arts packages and projects to others, delivered by professional arts practitioners.  

Meadowbrook’s new exhibition space showcases new and exciting work produced through Meadowbrook partnerships; with an inspiring exhibition programme displaying varied and interesting work. The space offers the versatility as a project space and a professional gallery.

 Further information: Dionne Barber:

 Meadowbrook College is Oxfordshire’s Pupil Referral Unit and Integration Service and provides education and support to about one hundred secondary age students from across Oxfordshire.  Meadowbrook offers all its students ‘a second chance for learning’ and works hard to ensure that they achieve successful outcomes despite the difficulties and setbacks they have experienced during their time at mainstream school. It’s about looking forward, not back. 


Something Brilliant at the barn

Visit our  dedicated arts section which captures  all the  findings  from our  creative Barnstorming day in March 2011.  It is packed with great ieas which will be of real  benefit to  anyone interested in working creatively with vulnerable groups.  

Watch  a clip of this day

“One of the things I really like about the Partnership is that
it does that really difficult work but with an interesting edge”

Ian Blair  (Lord Blair of Boughton), Chair of Thames Valley Partnership


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